Toshiyuki Shirakawa

PositionAssociate Professor

Research AreaResearch of Social Stratification, Sociology of Education, Social Research/Survey Methods

Research Topic
The study of social inequality focuses on the fact that people are divided into several stratum according to their education and income. Regarding occupation, it is also possible to assess whether it is high or low once you have determined the rule. The position that is supposed to be high is limited in number and not everyone can reach there.  I investigate the influences of gender and parents' status on people's educational decision making or occupational choice by using statistical analysis. Parents' education correlate highly with their offsprings' university entrance rate. Despite the increase in women in tertiary education, men and women are still concentrated in different study programmes. To clarify the social mechanism creating such a difference is my research motivation.

Studying at university  often does not give simple answers, but here is also interesting point. I would like us to explore the various unsolved problems together.