Michio Takatani


Research AreaCultural Anthropology

Research Topic
My anthropological research focuses on interethnic relationships mainly in Southeast Asia and its surrounding area. Interethnic relationships were and still are influenced by texts and contexts of ethno-knowledge, which are constructed through ethnic identification and discourses. Thus this theme, among many, is an important one for studying ethnic conflicts as a means to facilitate dialogue for peacemaking.

I have continued to conduct anthropological field research in Myanmar (Burma) and many other countries since 1983. Every anthropologist must construct a rapport with local native people through their competence in intercultural communication. My research accomplishments could not have been done without the support of the many people I made contact with in Myanmar. For the purpose of repaying the kindness of Myanmar people, I’m also a visiting professor at the University of Yangon. I strongly hope IGS students will experience rich intercultural communication first hand.