Chemistry Program

The faculty of this program is also in charge of education for the chemistry program of the Department of Chemistry in school of science.

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Structural Physical Chemistry

Cold gas-phase spectroscopy,
Spectroscopy of chemical intermediates,
Functional molecules, Molecular recognition,
Spectroscopy of interfaces

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Solid State Material Chemistry

Molecule-based magnets, Chiral magnets,Molecule-based multiferroics,Ionic conductor,Molecule-based superconductor,
Molecular ferroelectrics

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Coordination Chemistry

Organometallics,Multinuclear transition-metal complexes,Covalent bond between transition metal and maingroup element,
Switchable coordination complexes

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Analytical Chemistry

Laser trapping, Aerosol,
Raman spectroscopy,
Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy

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Organic Stereochemistry

Supramolecular chemistry,
Molecular recognition,
Functional organic compounds,
Supramolecular polymer, Self-assembly

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Photochemistry of Advanced Materials

Nanomaterial science, Molecular science,
Optical semiconductor, LED,
Photovoltaic cell, Solar cell

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Physical Chemistry of Kinetics and Dynamics

Chemical kinetics, Reaction dynamics,
Molecular collisions, Laser spectroscopy

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Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Synthetic organic chemistry,
Organometallic chemistry,
New bonding and reactivity,
Heavier main group element

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Reaction Organic Chemistry

Open-shell molecules,
Organic photoreactions, Caged compounds,
Functional organic materials, Organocatalystv

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Quantum Chemistry    

Molecular orbital (MO) methods,
QM/MM methods,
Molecular simulations, Solvation structure,
Inner-shell excitation spectroscopy

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Radiation Reaction Chemistry

Spin crossover, Mixed-valence state,
Assembled complexes,
Mössbauer spectroscopy, DFT, Lanthanide,
Environmental radioactivity


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