Mathematics Program

Algebra Group

Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry, Arithmetic Geometry, Motives, Singularities, Group Theory, Representation Theory, Commutative Algebra, Arithmetic Fundamental Group, Random Number Generation, Quasi-Monte Carlo Method, Coding Theory, Cryptography

    Algebra Group Laboratory HP

Geometry and Topology Group

Differential Geometry, Topology, Manifolds, 3 and 4 Dimensional Mathematics, Knots, Hyperbolic Geometry, Homogeneous Spaces, Symmetric Spaces, Representation Theory of Lie Groups, Singularities

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    Topology Research Group Laboratory HP  

Mathematical Analysis Group

Differential Equations, Nonlinear Analysis, Dynamical Systems, Potential Theory, Complex Analysis, Scattering Theory, Algebraic Analysis, Asymptotic Analysis, Resurgence Theory

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Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics Group

Probability Theory, Stochastic Processes, Financial and Insurance Mathematics, Random Fields, Theory for Multivariate Data Analysis and its Applications, Statistical Inference, Asymptotic Expansion for Statistical Distributions, Resampling Methods, Mathematical Statistics

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    Statistics Group Laboratory HP

Mathematical Sciences Group

Differential Geometry, Differential Equations,Bayesian Statistics, Knot Theory

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