Physics Program

Elementary Particle Theory

Gravity, Flavor physics, Quantum chromodynamics, Quark-gluon plasma

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Multi-wavelength astronomy, Dark matter, Galaxy clusters, Particle acceleration, Compact stars

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Quark Physics

Relativistic heavy ion collision, Quark gluon plasma, The very early universe, Dark components in the universe, Magnetohydrodynamics

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High-Energy Astrophysics / Optical and Infrared Astronomy

High Energy Physics

Particle physics, Quantum physics, Quantum optics, Lasers

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Structural Physics

Synchrotron radiation X-ray diffraction, Crystal structure analysis at electron density level, New dielectric materials, In-situ observation of crystal structures, Bragg coherent diffraction imaging

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Electronic Properties of Solids

X-ray absorption and emission spectroscopy, Element-selective structural analysis, Physical properties of transition metal compounds under high pressure, Electronic states and dynamics of dielectrics

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Synchrotron Radiation Physics of Solids

Solid-state physics research using synchrotron radiation and lasers, ARPES, Topological materials, Nano-spintronic materials, Superconductors

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Molecular Photoscience

Interdisciplinary physics with chemistry and bioscience, Synchrotron radiation, X-ray and optical ultrafast pulse lasers, Nanomaterials Reaction dynamics

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Synchrotron Radiation Materials Science / Synchrotron Radiation Physics

The following faculty members are in charge of multiple programs including this program.