Earth and Planetary Systems Science Program

Earth and Planetary Material Science

Rock rheology, Fault dynamics,
Deformation experiment, Plate tectonics,

Earth and Planetary Chemistry

Astrobiology, Impact event,
Martian environmental evolution,
Earth environmental evolution,
Magma dynamics

Earth and Planetary Physics

Slow earthquakes,
Properties of the Earth’s interior,
High-pressure high-temperature experiment,
Mantle convection

Integrative Earth and Ocean Science

  • Visiting Professor   Tsuyoshi ISHIKAWA
  • Visiting Professor    Naotaka TOMIOKA
  • Visiting Professor   Takehiro HIROSE
  • Visiting Associate Professor   Tatsuhiko HOSHINO
  • Visiting Associate Professor   Yuki MORONO

The following faculty members are in charge of multiple programs including this program.