Daiki KANAO (Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation)

- Why did you choose this company/this field of work?


I had been interested in foreign countries from before and as I am currently studying architecture, I felt that airports were the field of work where these two interests overlapped. As international airports in Japan have links with airports outside of Japan thus giving me the chance to work overseas, I chose this airport. I would like to be involved in making good airports that can support Japan while also utilizing my own unique talents.


- The impact your internship had on your job-hunting activities


I feel that I gained a more flexible way of dealing with things. Sometimes for various reasons, things would not go according to plan. However, I was able to find ways to get around such difficulties. In the screening for engineering jobs, I was able to differentiate myself from other students by calling attention to my experiences overseas as an intern, thus establishing my own individuality.


- What advice do you have for those who are graduating after you?


As there are only a few companies in Japan that manage airports, it was extremely worrying for me as to whether I could get a satisfying result from my job-hunting activities. So that new graduates do not have to go through this same experience, they should be interested in a variety of fields and companies. Broadening one’s options is quite important, I feel. If that is difficult, then in order to develop individuality, focus on getting many different experiences and qualifications. If you are able to convey appropriately your motivation and what you have gained, I feel sure it will lead to a good outcome.


- What advice do you have for those who plan to participate in the G.ecbo program?


Perhaps the biggest thing you can get out of this internship will be your experience abroad. However, you will still be able to gain a lot from the various things to be done before you depart. Communications with people at the place you will go to; what you will do once you get there; all this you have to organize yourself. It is vital to grasp beforehand who to ask what. Once you