Alumni: Naoki MURAYAMA ,Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd

2008: Participated in G.ecbo and interned at ALMEC Corporation in Vietnam.
2010: Joined Oriental Consultants Global. (From 2014, this Division was separated from Oriental Consultants Corporation as a new legal entity: Oriental Consultants Global Corporation.) Business trip destinations include Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Egypt, the United States, and Korea.
2017: Since March, involved in the Project for Urban Transport Master Plan  of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

(Workshop in the Republic of the Congo)


I work for Orient Consultants Global which specializes in development consultancy services outside of Japan. Since joining the company I have been in charge of business involving urban and transport planning in more than ten countries located in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. As I am now on a business trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo, I am writing this newsletter while in Africa. Due to the limit on how much I can write here, I am unable to share many things with you. However, happenings frequently pop up unexpectedly and each day is very interesting.

- How would you describe in brief the time from your internship until now?

“I’m glad I went!” In my case, the people I met through G.ecbo and my experiences in Vietnam gave me the incentive to gain employment in the field of international development. If I had not participated in that internship, I feel sure I would have looked for employment in a totally different field. I feel very satisfied with my work now and so looking back, I feel glad that I went on that internship.

- What do you feel made a big impression on you and remains with you? And what advice can you share?

What made the biggest impression on me was the ability to somehow manage to do something, an ability that I learned during fieldwork and everyday life in my time in Vietnam. Looking back on my time there, I wasn’t able to speak the Vietnamese language and neither was I very good at English. As I struggled with trivial matters, I desperately tried to get through things. If you face up to problems instead of trying to escape them, then most matters can be dealt with somehow. Since I’ve started working in various countries around the world, even if the setting changes and the problems vary, somehow I am able to manage things.

Photo during lunch (the second person from the left is the author)