Biological Chemistry


The laboratory of Biological Chemistry is studying several important functions of animal or plant cells at the molecular and cellular levels.

1) Mechanism of gene amplification during carcinogenesis and its application to industrial protein production (Shimizu, N.)
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Carcinogenesis, Chromosome, Genome instability, Photosynthesis, Protein



Gene amplification in human tumor cells

Gene amplification in human tumor cells

Electron-carrier protein in photosynthesis

Electron-carrier protein in photosynthesis

Recent Publications

Tanaka, S., Mitsuda, S., Shimizu N. (2014) How a Replication Origin and Matrix Attachment Region Accelerate Gene Amplification under Replication Stress in Mammalian Cells. PLos ONE, 9 (7): e103439 (14 pages).

Okada, N., Shimizu N. (2013) Dissection of the Beta-Globin Replication-Initiation Region Reveals Specific Requirements for Replicator Elements during Gene Amplification. PLos ONE, 8 (10): e77350 (10 pages).

Noguchi, C., Araki, Y., Miki, D., Shimizu N. (2012) Fusion of the Dhfr/Mtx and IR/MAR gene amplification methods produces a rapid and efficient method for stable recombinant protein production. PLos ONE, 7(12): e52990 (14 pages).

Araki, Y., Hamafuji, T., Noguchi C., Shimizu N. (2012) Efficient Recombinant Production in Mammalian Cells Using a Novel IR/MAR Gene Amplification Method. PLos ONE, 7(7): e41787 (10 pages).

Utani, K., Okamoto A., Shimizu, N. (2011) Generation of Micronuclei During Interphase by Coupling between Cytoplasmic Membrane Blebbing and Nuclear Budding. PLos ONE, 6(11): e27233 (12 pages).

Harada, S., Sekiguchi, N. Shimizu, N. (2011) Amplification of a plasmid bearing a mammalian replication initiation region in chromosomal and extrachromosomal contexts. Nuc. Acids Res., 39(3):958-969


Professor Shimizu, N.