Microbial Biochemistry


We are focusing on the analyses of cellular and molecular functions of microorganisms and their applications. For this purpose we are pursuing three subjects as follows:

1) Biological energy systems (Sambongi, Y.)

2) Intracellular trafficking and function of lipids in yeast and their application to lipid production (Funato, K.)

3)Adaptation strategy and application of proteins from extremophiles (Fujii, S.)


Energy metabolism, Proteins, Yeast, Lipids



Structure of cytochrome c isolated from a thermophilic bacterium

Structure of cytochrome c isolated from a thermophilic bacterium

Fluorescence microscopy of actin (red), nuclear DNA (blue), and nucleolar proteins (green) in yeast

Fluorescence microscopy of actin (red), nuclear DNA (blue), and nucleolar proteins (green) in yeast

Recent Publications

Masanari, M., Wakai, S., Ishida, M., Kato, C., Sambongi, Y. (2014)  Correlation between the optimal growth pressures of four Shewanella species and the stabilities of their cytochromes c5. Extremophiles, 18, 617-627.

Wakai, S., Kidokoro, SI, Masaki, K., Nakasone, K., Sambongi, Y. (2013)  Constant enthalpy change value during pyrophosphate hydrolysis within the physiological limits of NaCl. J. Biol. Chem., 288, 29247-29251.

Fujii, S., Masanari, M., Inoue, H., Yamanaka, M., Wakai, S., Nishihara, H., Sambongi, Y. (2013) High thermal stability and unique trimer formation of  cytochrome c´ from thermophilic Hydrogenophilus thermoluteolus. Biosci. Biotech. Biochem., 77, 1677-1681.

Wakai, S., Masanari, M., Ikeda, T., Yamaguchi, N., Ueshima, S., Watanabe, K., Nishihara, H., Sambongi, Y. (2013) Oxidative phosphorylation in a thermophilic, facultative chemoautotroph, Hydrogenophilus thermoluteolus, living prevalently in geothermal niches. Environ. Microbiol. Rep., 5, 235-242.

Yabuki Y., Katayama M., Kodama Y., Sakamoto A., Yatsuhashi A., Funato K., Mizuta K. (2017) Arp2/3 complex and Mps3 are required for regulation of ribosome biosynthesis in the secretory stress response. Yeast,34:155-163.

Palmer EE., Jarrett KE., Sachdev RK., Al Zahrani F., Hashem MO., Ibrahim N., Sampaio H., Kandula T., Macintosh R., Gupta R., Conlon DM., Billheimer JT., Rader DJ., Funato K., Walkey CJ., Lee CS., Loo C., Brammah S., Elakis G., Zhu Y., Buckley M., Kirk EP., Bye A., Alkuraya FS., Roscioli T., Lagor WR. (2016) Neuronal deficiency of ARV1 causes an autosomal recessive epileptic encephalopathy. Hum. Mol. Genet., 25:3042-3054.

Ikeda, A., Kajiwara, K., Iwamoto, K., Makino, A., Kobayashi, T., Mizuta, K. and Funato, K. (2016) Complementation analysis reveals a potential role of human ARV1 in GPI anchor biosynthesis. Yeast. 33:37-42.

Murakami, S., Shimamoto, T., Nagano, H., Tsuruno, M., Okuhara, H., Hatanaka, H., Tojo, H., Kodama, Y., and Funato, K. (2015) Producing human ceramide-NS by metabolic engineering using yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Sci. Rep., Nov 17;5:16319. doi: 10.1038/srep16319.


Professor Sambongi, Y.
Associate professor Funato, K.
Assistant profesor Fujii, S.



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