Enzyme Chemistry


Our laboratory is interested in the molecular function, chemistry and gene expression of enzymes. In particular, our research mainly focuses on the action mechanism of stress and toxic proteins and antioxidant chemicals from plants and microorganisms.

1) Molecular mechanism of subcellular transport of proteins and production of useful proteins in plants (Fujikawa, Y.)

2)Molecular mechanism of stress response  and stress tolerance in plants (Suekawa, M.)


Biosynthesis mechanism, Enzyme, Gene expression, Oxidative stress,Transgenic plant, Vitamin C



Generation of super plants

Generation of super plants

Transgenic plants

Transgenic plants

Recent Publications

Suekawa M, Fujikawa Y and Esaka M (2018) Two G-box–like elements essential to high gene expression of SlAKR4B in tomato leaves. Biosci Biotechnol Biochem. 82(3): 425-432

Suekawa M, Fujikawa Y, Inada S, Murano A and Esaka M (2016) Gene expression and promoter analysis of a novel tomato aldo-keto reductase in response to environmental stresses. J Plant Physiol. 200: 35-44

Fujikawa Y, Fujikawa R, Iijima N, Esaka M (2012) Characterization of secretory phospholipase A2 with phospholipase A1 activity in tobacco, Nicotiana tabacum (L.) Lipids, 47(3):303-312

Eltelib HA, Badejo AA, Fujikawa Y, Esaka M (2011) Gene expression of monodehydroascorbate reductase and dehydroascorbate reductase during fruit ripening and in response to environmental stresses in acerola (Malpighia glabra). J. Plant Physiol. 168(6):619-627

Badejo AA, Eltelib HA, Fukunaga K, Fujikawa Y, Esaka M. (2009) Increase in ascorbate content of transgenic tobacco plants overexpressing the acerola (Malpighia glabra) phosphomannomutase gene. Plant Cell Physiol. 50(2):423-428.

Tokunaga T, Miyata Y, Fujikawa Y, Esaka M. (2008) RNAi-mediated knockdown of XIP-type endoxylanase inhibitor gene, OsXIP, has no effect on grain development and germination in rice. Plant Cell Physiol. 49(7):1122-1127.

Oshima Y, Kamigaki A, Nakamori C, Mano S, Hayashi M, Nishimura M, Esaka M. (2008) Plant Catalase is Imported into Peroxisome by Pex5p but Distinct from Typical PTS1 Import. Plant Cell Physiol. 49(4):671-677.

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Kamigaki A, Mano S, Terauchi K, Nishi Y, Tachibe-Kinoshita Y, Nito K, Kondo M, Hayashi M, Nishimura K, Esaka M (2003) Identification of peroxisoal targeting signal of pumpkin catalase and the binding analysis with PTS1 receptor. Plant J., 33 (1): 161-175.


Associate Professor Fujikawa, Y.
Assistant Professor Suekawa, M.



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