Ecological Biochemistry


The laboratory of Ecological Biochemistry focuses on discovering new health food supplements and drug lead compounds and on identifying semiochemicals from plants and insects and understanding these ecological and evolutionary significance.

1) Isolation and structural elucidation of biologically active natural compounds( Ohta, S.)
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2) Chemical ecology, biochemistry, and physiology of semiochemicals( Omura, H.)
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Insects, Plants, Sponges, Biologically active compounds,Natural organic chemistry, Chemical ecology



Exiguolide from the marine sponge Geodia exigua

Exiguolide from the marine sponge Geodia exigua

Gustatory sensilla of nymphalid butterfly and these electro-responses to sucrose.

Gustatory sensilla of nymphalid butterfly and these electro-responses to sucrose.

Recent Publications

Latayada, F. S., Uy, M. M., Ohta, E., Akihara, Y., Ômura, H., Ohta, S. (2017) Ficusnotins A-F: Rare diarylbutanoids from the leaves of Ficus nota. Phytochemistry, 141, 98-104.
Hegazy, M. F., Elshamy, A. I., Mohamed, T. A., Hamed, A. R., Ibrahim, M. A. A., Ohta, S., Pare, P. W. (2017) Cembrene diterpenoids with ether linkages from Sarcophyton ehrenbergi: An anti-proliferation and molecular-docking assessment. Marine Drugs, 15, 192 (14 pages).
Harauchi, Y., Kajimoto, T., Ohta, E., Kawachi, H., Imamura-Jinda, A., Ohta, S. (2017) Prenylated purine alkaloids from seeds of Gleditsia japonica. Phytochemistry, 143, 145-150.

Akihara, Y., Ohta, E., Nehira, T., Ômura, H., Ohta, S. (2017) New prenylated ortho-dihydroxycoumarins from the fruits of Ficus nipponica. Chemistry and Biodiversity, 14, e1700196 (6 pages).

Itoh, Y., Okumura, Y., Fujii, T., Ishikawa, Y., Ômura, H. (2018) Effects of matng on host selection by female small white butterflies Pieris rapae (Lepidoptera: Pieridae). Journal of Comparative Physiology A, 204, 245-255.

Yoshimori, K., Noguchi, T., Ohta, S., Ômura, H. (2017) Volatile compounds from a Parnassiinae butterfly, Luehdorfia japonica (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae). Lepidoptera Science, 68, 61-64.

Kinoshita, M., Stewart, F.J., Ômura, H. (2017) Multisensory integration in Lepidoptera: Insights into flower-visitor interactions. Bioessays, 39, 4, 1600086.

Mukae, S., Ohashi, T., Matsumoto, Y., Ohta, S., Ômura, H., (2016) D-Pinitol in Fabaceae: an oviposition stimulant for the common grass yellow butterfly, Eurema mandarina. Journal of Chemical Ecology, 42, 1122-1129.


Professor Ohta, S.
Associate professor Omura, H.