Brewing Science and Technology


The research works on brewing are carried out under a cooperation program with National Research Institute of Brewing. To understand and further utilize fermentation microbes and raw materials, we are studying following subjects:

1) Research on the valuable brewing by-products, and the application of fermentation technology (Fujii, T.).

2) Research for production and utilization of high quality rice for sake making (Okuda, M.).


Sake, Rice, Yeast, Enzymology, Bioactive and flavor substance



Cloudy sake

Cloudy sake (pink) contains folic acids in high concentration

Prediction of sake making properties of rice grains by meteorological data

Prediction of sake making properties of rice grains by meteorological data

Recent Publications

Ikeda Y., Isogai A., Moriyoshi Y., Kanda R., Iwashita K., Fujii T. (2018) Construction of sake yeast with low production of dimethyl trisulfide (DMTS) precursor by a self-cloning method, J. Biosci. Bioeng. 125: 419-424.

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Okuda, M., Akao,T., Sumihiro, M., Mizuno, M. and Goto-Yamamoto, N. (2016) Transfer of caesium and potassium from Japanese apricot (Prunus mume Zucc.) to Japanese apricot liqueur (Ume liqueur), Journal of the Institute of Brewing, 122: 473-479

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Visiting Professor Fujii, T.
Visiting Professor Okuda, M