The research theme of our laboratory is elucidation of the immune systems using chickens as experimental animals. The reasons are that chickens have served as model subjects for immune system experiments in the past, and in recent years their use as experimental animals has led to many breakthroughs in fields ranging widely from fundamental immunology to applied research.
Our laboratory is currently engaged in researching a wide range of subjects that are grounded in avian immune systems. These may be roughly categorized as follows.

1. Analysis of the immune memory system in the germinal center (GC) and GC-like area
2. Fundamental and applied research on chicken monoclonal antibodies
3. Basic study on the innate immune response in fish and the acquired immune response in fish.
4. Study on the mechanisms of class switching of the chicken immunoglobulin
5. Fundamental and applied research on avian pluripotent stem cells
6. Application of genome editing method to avian pluripotent stem cells
7. Creation and application of genetically-modified birds


Chicken, Fish, Immune system, Stem cell, Genome editing



Chicken germinal center

Chicken germinal center

Ovomucoid knockout chimera chicken

Ovomucoid knockout chimera chicken

Recent Publications

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