Grajdian Maria Mihaela

PositionAssociate Professor

Research AreaMedia Studies, Cultural Anthropology

Research Topic
In my research, I am focusing on the ambivalent interaction between media and its messages in phenomena of mass entertainment, such as Takarazuka Revue or Studio Ghibli, and more recently, Shinkai Makoto or Murakami Haruki. At the core of my scientific endeavors, the human being as both producer and consumer of socio-cultural merchandises is located, beyond economic-political compulsions and limitations.

I am driven, privately and professionally, by a firm faith in the human being’s ability to serve the world with kindness. Furthermore, Mahatma Gandhi’s words decades ago “Become the change you want to see in the world” are a permanent reminder of my duty to do my best, and to inspire those around me to do their best, as well. Let’s do our best together!