Facility & equipment for accommodation


The dormitory is next to the ground (parking space) behind the main building. The room key will be lent at check in.

The entrance of the dormitory

Facility and equipment in the dormitory

The dormitory was modernized and renovated in 2009. Especially, the water section equipment has been greatly improved.

The entrance of washing machine and shower room

Shower room

Clothes dryer


Most of the guest rooms is eight tatami mats size (14.6 m2), and there is one 16 tatami mats size (29.2 m2) room.

A guest room with bunk beds (Maximum capacity is ten people) is also available shown as the photo.

Dining room and shared kitchen

A dining room and a shared kitchen are located on the 2nd floor of the main building. Basically you bring your own foods or cook meals by yourself during your stay. Please feel free to use a refrigerator, freezer, rice steamer, microwave oven, toaster, kettle, etc. When you cook your own meals, please be careful of the fire.

Dining room

Shared kitchen

Refrigerator and freezer