Facility & equipment for research and education

Practical Training Room (Room 212)

We usually open the practical training room (2nd floor of the annex building) since the room is large space for working with seawater and freshwater. If you would like to stay for longer term, we can also provide a laboratory space equipped with air conditioner and gas, depending on your request. You can use the outdoor stock tank area for the tasks requiring a lot of seawater and washing water.

Practical training room (Maximum capacity is 32 people)

Seawater sinks in the practical training room

Equipment for lectures

There are a brand-new Panasonic projector (5,000 lumens light output) and a white screen set up in the practical training room (Room 212) and the lecture room (Room 201) respectively for lectures and video projection. The type of input terminal is as follows;

  • Room 212:HDMI
  • Room 201:HDMI, D-Sub 15P(RGB), stereo mini-jack)

Practical training room (Room 212)

Lecture room (Room 201)

Lab equipment

You can use the general lab equipment as follows.

Dissection equipment

Lab glassware

Other experimental equipment

Low-temperature incubator (4˚C - 37˚C)

Upright microscope (40x - 200x) (Nikon ECLIPSE Ei, Renewed in 2021)

Stereomicroscope (8x - 40x) (Zeiss Stemi305 Edu, Renewed in 2021)

DW, ultrapure water (Milli-Q water), ice machine, constant temperature rooms (26˚C and 14˚C), lab refrigerator (4˚C), freezer (-20˚C, -30˚C), deep freezer (-80˚C), etc. can be used upon your request. Please let us know in advance as the freezer (-20˚C) and the refrigerator (4˚C) will be judged based on the contents.

Distilled water production machine and MilliQ Millipore ultrapure water purification machine

Ice machine

Constant temperature room

Deep freezer (-80˚C)