Other facility & equipment


The MBL has three vessels. The newest and largest body and the most capacity is called "あびIII (Abi-III)". We usually use her for some marine courses.

あびIII (Abi-III)

Model: YAMAHA W-38CF-3
Installation Date: 12nd March 2021
Length: 11.40 m
Width: 3.11 m
Weight: 3.4 t
Engine: F150DETX (Max. prop shaft output: 110.3kw/5500rpm), FL150DETX (Max. prop shaft output: 110.3kw/5500rpm)
Capacity: 38 pesons

If you would like to access to it for practical training courses, education, or research, please feel free to contact us.
(※ Visitors cannot use the boat alone. Please contact us in advance if you would like to use it)

あびIII (Abi-III)

Lecture room (Room 201)

You can use the lecture room (Maximum capacity is 32 people) for seminars and lectures.