Facility & equipment for fieldwork


There is a rocky and sandy beach suitable for fieldwork (e.g., organisms collection) just in front of the MBL.
This photo shows the intertidal zone leading to Kannonzaki at about 100cm tidal level. Please ask us for more information on biota in each environment (e.g., in a rocky area, sandy area, Zostera beds, etc.) around MBL.

Washing place

There is a washing place in front of a walkway connecting the main and annex building. You can wash off seawater and sands from your foot here.

Stock tank for organisms

MBL has some stock tanks for coastal organisms. There is one large concrete tank, two medium-sized tanks, and many small tanks outside. If you would like to use these tanks, please let us know before visiting because our staffs and the other users also use these tanks. The tanks flow with seawater pumped up and stored by a self-priming pump. The flowing seawater contains low planktons. During the summer, the seawater temperature in the tanks is sometimes higher than that of the natural sea. Please note that because there is a limit to the amount of seawater that can be stored, it will be exhausted until the next high tide if you use too much seawater continuously. There is a free-flowing seawater tank in the annex building (indoor). You can also use 60cm tanks and buckets by placing them under seawater pipe taps in a practical training room (2nd floor of the annex building) as long as it is for a short period. Small tanks under 60cm, air pumps, air stones, etc., are available for rent at any time.

Outdoor stock tanks

Indoor stock tanks (free-flowing seawater tanks)

Glass tanks