No.165: March 25, 2024

  1. Hiroshima University will establish a “female quota” and introduce a “new comprehensive selection system” for the AY 2026 Hiroshima University Splendor (Hikari Kagayaki) Entrance Examination — to be implemented in AY 2025.
  2. About the start of the “Glocal Cooperative Education,” aiming for international standard industry-academia collaboration, and participation in WACE (World Association for Co-operative and Work Integrated Education).
  3. The AY 2024 liberal arts education program “Becoming a Global Citizen: Lecture by Special Instructor” will be held from April to May.
  4. Report on support for former Afghan students and their families evacuated to Japan
  5. The event “Hiroshima University in Kansai” will be held to commemorate the 75+75th anniversary of the university.