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International Students’ Voices

Learning Experiences

Hear about what international students are studying here at Hiroshima University and the kind of research we are conducting!

Voices from Abroad

At Hiroshima University, students come from all over the world to study and pursue research. Voices from Abroad interviews those students to see what their everyday lives are like and get their perspectives on being international students in Japan. 

What does Hiroshima University students usually do?

We hope that this page will help you get to know the “real face” of Hiroshima University students and what encourages, fascinates, and motivates them. We hope you, especially junior and senior high school students, will have a close look of, “What the Hiroshima University students are like” and “What we do at the university”, then grasp the image of your future university life. We are looking forward to you being featured in the interview series in the coming years!

HU Student Interview Series

What made your predecessors choose Hiroshima Uni? What did they struggle over during the entrance exams? Here they tell you openly and honestly.