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Enhance your knowledge -Hiroshima University 100 special lectures-

Due to the impact of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, various events have been cancelled throughout society, and many people have been forced to stay at home. We have posted a video clip of Hiroshima University's faculty members talking about their classes and research in a lecture titled "Enhance your knowledge -Hiroshima University 100 special lectures-". We hope you will actively watch the lectures you are interested in.

*The affiliations and titles of the lecturers are those at the time of shooting.


Biology, Chemistry

1.「An Introduction to Interface Science」

Villeneuve Masumi(School of Integrated Arts and Sciences)
【29minutes 47second】

Law, Economics, Sociology

1.「There is nothing so practical as good theory: Using job embeddedness theory in management research」

PELTOKORPI VESA MATTI(School of Economics)
【37minutes 45second】

2.「An Introduction to Causal Inference」

Vu Ha Thu(Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences)
【24minutes 36second】

Anthropology, Geography

1.「Is international tourism to Japan sustainable?」

FUNCK,CAROLIN(School of Integrated Arts and Sciences)
【48minutes 42second】

2.「Interculturalism in education-The meaning and relevance of bringing religion and community in education-」

【55minutes 36second】


1.「Particle Physics Gateway to the Quantum Universe」

Tohru TAKAHASHI(School of Science)
【32minutes 19second】


1.「English Communication in Context: Language, Nonverbal, and Social Features as Cross-Cultural Learning Opportunities」

KABIR RUSSELL SARWAR(School of Education)
【1hour 09minutes 45second】

Enhance knowledge -Hiroshima University 100 special lectures- (Japanese pages)

Click here for the Japanese page.(Lectures in Japanese and English are included.)


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