Program of Biomedical Science(Doctoral Course)

Program of Biomedical Science (Doctoral Course) aims to provide the personnel with knowledge/ skills gained in the Program of Biomedical Science (Master’s Course) more advanced and interdisciplinary research abilities in biomedical science, medicine and dentistry.
Furthermore, the program focuses to cultivate researchers, educators, and medical professionals, capable of taking central roles in extensive interdisciplinary research fields.

Personnel Development

The program aims to cultivate the following personnel:

  • Those who can promote basic / applied biomedical sciences at academic / research institutions on various scientific / interdisciplinary fields including biomedical science
  • Those who can take central roles in advanced research development at healthcare companies
  • Those who can take central roles in advanced medical treatment with research-oriented mind at health facilities

Education / Research Objectives

The program aims to foster the personnel who possess basic / practical skills in biomedical science to become researchers, educators and medical professionals capable of playing leading parts in extensive research or medical fields, by facilitating cutting edge interdisciplinary research activities and offering systematic / intensive education on life sciences and health care.

Career Paths after Completion

  1. Researchers health-related companies involved in biotechnology or pharmacy
  2. Health care providers with highly research-oriented mind at medical facilities
  3. Educators / researchers at educational or research organizations
  4. Academic staff