Program of Health Sciences(Doctoral Course)

In response to the rapid rise in the aging population and low birth rate, there are growing social demands of professionals such as nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists who provide aged care at nursing facilities for health promotion or community based home care services based on increasing social needs. They are required to possess more specialized and comprehensive knowledge and skills. Also, facing to the super-aging society, relationships of oral health and systemic condition; lower activities of daily living (ADL) associated with malnutrition resulted from oral frailty or aspiration pneumonia stimulated by oral microorganisms, have increased in importance. Though the significance of the effect of oral care to systemic care becomes recognized, institutions that offer comprehensive research and education for oral-systemic treatment are still insufficient in number. Therefore, Program of Health Sciences that is few in number in Japan was established as a result of the merger of two divisions in the Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences, focusing on the development of education and research in systemic health care that is comprehensive and innovative.  
Collaborating among academic staff in the fields of nursing (nursing), rehabilitation (physical therapy and occupational therapy), and oral health science (oral science and oral engineering) which enable to found an educational system offering a broad range of academic disciplines, the program provides higher education to meet the needs of the times.   
Program of Health Sciences pursues to nurture highly-advanced medical professionals who can take leading roles in advanced team health care through collaboration / integration beyond the conventional academic and research fields and deepening of basic research.
Undergraduate programs have exercised interprofessional Education (IPE) in which the former graduate school had already involved. The establishment of Program of Health Sciences in the  Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences allows graduate students to engage in IPE activities.

Personnel Development

The program aims to cultivate medical practitioners who can play major roles in healthcare settings, healthcare leaders at medical facilities, and internationally active educators / researchers, equipped with a range of basic knowledge and highly specialized knowledge in each field.

Education / Research Objectives

The rapid rise in the aging population and low birth rate have induced the progress of the specialization of health / medical science fields due to structural changes associated with diseases that require researchers with advanced professional knowledge and skills in respective fields.
The program aims to nurture medical practitioners with advanced treatment skills and creative educators / researcher, who possess broad and profound knowledge / research and problem solving abilities in health sciences such as disease prevention, functional recovery and care prevention, and play active roles on a global stage.

Career Paths after Completion

  1. Medical practitioners who possess a wide range of knowledge in health sciences and highly specialized knowledge in respective fields, and play major roles in healthcare settings
  2. Healthcare leaders at medical facilities and internationally active educators / researchers