Program of Medicinal Sciences(Master’s Course)

The rapid rise in the aging population and changes in life styles and living conditions have a great impact on disease structures in Japan. In response to increased social demands to medical services, it has become important to progress highly advanced medical treatments to cure serious diseases in the elderly such as cancer, dementia and lifestyle diseases. Moreover, there is a need for further promotion of a team healthcare that medical professionals including doctors, pharmacists and nurses make a good use of their expertise while collaborating to provide medical practice.
It is indispensable to develop new drugs with high quality, safety and effectiveness for highly advanced medical treatment. Responding to rapid medical advances, regenerative medicine based on genetic engineering and custom-made treatment offering therapies by individual characteristics have been conducted. There is a strong demand to cultivate internationally active pharmaceutical researchers, as the globalization of the drug discovery field rapidly proceeds. Also, it is essential for the personnel engaged in development of new medicines to learn medicinal sciences employing advanced life science technologies, drug delivery system, bio-imaging technologies, drug repositioning, biopharmaceuticals including nucleic acid medicine and antibody medicine, clinical diagnostic agents, biomolecules for targeting drug discovery. The program that provides students opportunities to obtain research skills and global competency necessary to facilitate drug development in Japan, aims to foster the personnel who can take leadership roles in research for creation of medicines. 
Program of Medicinal Sciences (Master’s Course), offering a curriculum focused on medicinal sciences and pharmaceutical life sciences that enable to acquire basic science knowledge on drug development in high demand, is established for the purpose of cultivating human resources in drug discovery research.

Personnel Development

According to the increased expectation for development of new drugs for public health maintenance, there are problems that cannot be solved in conventional research fields. The program aims to cultivate the personnel who can take leadership roles in extensive disciplines as follows:

  •  Drug discovery and pharmaceutical life sciences researchers pursuing to create innovative drugs
  •  Educators / researchers who can develop and disseminate medicinal sciences fields

Education / Research Objectives

Pharmacotherapy is regarded as one of essential methodologies for current medical services. Innovation of new medicines not only directly relates with public health but enhances global competitiveness in the economy. The program aims to cultivate the expertise in life pharmacy that is a basis for discovery and development of novel pharmaceutical products.

Career Paths after Completion

  1. Researchers / specialists at health facilities, pharmaceutical companies, health-related companies, and food companies
  2. Public officers in medical services
  3. Proceeding to doctoral courses

3 Policies for Program of Medicinal Sciences (Master’s Course)

Diploma Policy

Degree (Master of Medicinal Science) is conferred on students who complete necessary credits; pass their thesis review / the final examination, after receiving research guidance, and fulfill the following qualities: 

  1. Ability to take leading roles in extensive fields as pharmaceutical and life pharmacy researchers
  2. Ability to become educators / researchers who can establish and disseminate medicinal sciences fields
  3. Ability to take leading roles in medicinal sciences fields in the international society

Curriculum Policy

The program enforces the educational curriculum organized under the following policies based on the diploma policy.

  1. The program offers the curriculum consisting of lectures, advanced seminars and research.
  2. Students will acquire a rich sense of humanity taking mandatory subjects on life/clinical ethics.
  3. The program offers “advanced lecture on medicinal science” as a compulsory subject to understand current situations on drug discovery in Japan and scientific theories essential for education and research in medicinal sciences, capable of obtaining the ability to become educators / researchers who contribute to establish and disseminate medicinal sciences fields.
  4. The program offers omnibus lectures as compulsory elective subjects that can deepen a range of knowledge and take leading roles in medicinal sciences in the international society.

Admission Policy

Based on the diploma and curriculum policies, the program seeks the following students:

  1. Those who are willing to acquire a range of fundamental knowledge in development of drugs and life pharmacy
  2. Those who are willing to take a leading role in research and development at pharmaceutical companies
  3. Those who are willing to take leading roles in the international society