Program of Pharmaceutical Sciences(Doctoral Course)

The program mainly intends to cultivate advanced clinical pharmacists and Pharmacist-Scientists with research competence. To accomplish this, faculty members engaged in education / research in the field of pharmaceutical sciences strive to develop highly specialized professionals who have problem solving abilities encountered in various clinical sites. The program also provides the education that fosters pharmacy academic members who possess pharmacists’ point of view and research skills.
The Program also aims to foster the personnel who can make a contribution to development of clinical pharmacy and pharmacotherapy in Japan, and take international leaderships in pharmaceutical fields focusing on medical care.

Personnel Development

The program aims to cultivate the following personnel:

  • Those who can make a contribution to development of clinical pharmacy and pharmacotherapy for Japan through pharmaceutical education / research with profound knowledge on pharmacy 
  • Those who can take international leaderships in pharmaceutical clinical fields focusing on medical care

Education / Research Objectives

In order to cultivate the personnel above, the program aims to provide opportunities to acquire the following skills:

  • Ability to conduct research on a medical care team joined as an advanced clinical pharmacist with clinical expertise
  • Ability to conduct research on proper use of the specialized knowledge after acquiring specialized clinical pharmacy
  • Ability to instruct proper use of drugs gained through the program
  • Ability to conduct research contributing to public health and welfare through learned knowledge of clinical pharmacy
  • Ability to develop pharmaceutical products after completion of the course of clinical pharmacotherapy
  • Ability to conduct education / research after completion of the field of specialized clinical pharmacy

Career Paths after Completion

  1. Advanced clinical pharmacists who work in hospitals
  2. Pharmacy specialists who work in pharmacies
  3. Clinical pharmacists engaged in health care administration
  4. Pharmacists focusing on advanced research at public institutions
  5. Pharmacists engaged in clinical drug development at companies
  6. Academic staff