Program of Biomedical Science(Master’s Course)

Dramatic progresses in life science research are remarkably changing medicine, health care, dentistry, and dental care in recent years. For example, expectations for solutions of modern medical issues are growing, through precision medicine based on genetic diagnosis, regenerative medicine using iPS cells, genome-based drug discovery, and applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in health care. At the same time, more complex issues are arising, such as changes in the disease structure caused by the combination of declining birthdate and aging, issues of medical ethics, improvements in the quality of patients’ life, liaison with welfare engineering. It is difficult for health professionals alone to respond to these biomedical science areas, and therefore, there is a need for human resources with a wide range of professional backgrounds necessary for interdisciplinary education.
This program admits students who acquired special knowledge and skills in four-year faculties other than medicine, dentistry, pharmaceutical sciences, or veterinary medicine except for 6-year curriculum, and offers systematic and intensive studies in biomedical science, medicine and dentistry, to pursue to develop the personnel who can contribute to the promotion of advanced and interdisciplinary research activities in biomedical science, medicine and dentistry.
Furthermore, the program focuses to cultivate the personnel with highly specialized knowledge capable of taking leadership roles in extensive interdisciplinary research fields involved in medical services, pharmacology, and medical engineering.

Personnel Development

The program aims to cultivate the following personnel:

  • Those who can promote basic / applied biomedical sciences at academic / research institutions on various interdisciplinary fields including biomedical science
  • Those who can engage in research development at healthcare companies
  • Those who can take leadership roles as medical practitioners with research-oriented mind at health facilities

Education / Research Objectives

The program aims to foster the personnel with highly advanced research skills in basic and applied medical and dental sciences,facilitating cutting edge interdisciplinary research activities and offering systematic / intensive education on life sciences and dental sciences.

Career Paths after Completion

  1. Researchers health-related companies involved in biotechnology or pharmacy
  2. Health care providers with research-oriented mind at medical facilities
  3. Educators / researchers at educational or research organizations
  4. Proceeding to doctoral courses