For students who want to work as a Phoenix Assistant (PA)

 How to start working as a PA

  1. Prior registration is needed. Please register via the below link.
    Registration form
  2. When there are job offers for PA from departments in HU, the Global Career Design Center will provide them with your registered information.
  3. The hiring department will review the submitted information (an interview may be conducted in some cases) and make a decision. The selected candidate will be notified.
  4. Upon an agreement being made with the student, he/she will start working as a PA.
  5. At the end of the employment period, the PA will need to submit a report (for example, about their ideas for the university service improvement).

Points to note

  • Only regular students of HU whose student ID number starts with B, M, D or P can register as a PA candidate.
  • Please note that not all PA candidates are able to get a job.
  • Please update any changes in the contents registered at the Global Career Design Center immediately.
  • Once registered, your details will be held and you will be considered for a PA position until you formally propose the cancellation of your application.

PA job information

There are no jobs available at this time.