University Hall

University Hall was built in March 1995, with the objective of deepening interpersonal relationships among students, staff, and faculty members at this university, and furthering extracurricular activities by students, as well as contributing to the overall welfare of students, staff, and faculty members.
The facilities at the University Hall are shown below.

Floor Room Area (square meters) Capacity (people)
Basement 1 Meeting Room1 49 30
Meeting Room2 49 30
Meeting Room3 49 30
Meeting Room4 67 40
Music Appreciation Room 90 60
1st Floor Large Meeting Room 247  120
Japanese-style Room 67 40
Co-op shop 221  

Office 36  
2nd Floor Cafeteria 383 312

If you wish to use one of the meeting rooms, please submit a request to the University Hall Office at least three days prior to the date of use.
In addition, requests to use the Large Meeting Room or the Music Appreciation Room must be made at least one month before the month of use, so that the schedule for use may be adjusted appropriately.
Please contact the University Hall Office for further details regarding the procedures for this.

University Hall