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Some Sample Japanese Dishes

What do we eat in Japan?

Here we would like to introduce you to some examples of local Japanese cuisine.

Dandan Noodles

Do you know Dandan Noodles?
This is one kind of noodle, and its characteristic is the spicy sauce.
Spinach, meat and bean sprouts are served over the noodles.
In winter, it warms your body and in summer, it stimulates your appetite.
Also, if you don’t like spicy food so much, don’t forget to prepare a glass of water in advance.



Can you guess what this is?
Yes, it is curry! Nowadays curry has become one of the typical examples of Japanese home cooking.
With curry we usually eat a kind of Japanese pickles, called Fukujinzuke.
There are S, M, and L sizes so please choose the size suitable for you.
In order to balance the vitamins, would you like to eat it with pumpkin?



What if you don’t like meat?
Here we also provide vegetarian menus.
In the cafeteria, there are salads and tofu dishes.
In addition, there are also many healthy Japanese foods including fish, vegetables and noodles.


Japanese set meals

A set meal includes food that is absolutely necessary for most Japanese. You are right, it includes rice and Miso soup. It also usually includes grilled fish and chopped fish with hijiki (a kind of edible seaweed). Simple but plain tasting.
There are S, M, and L sizes for rice. Please enjoy the Japanese set meal.



Have you ever heard the word Donnburi?
Donnburi is dish that includes rice topped with any number of tasty foods – usually meat – served in a bowl.
As you can see in the middle of the photo, it is a Teriyaki Bibimbap Donnburi.
To maintain a balanced, healthy diet, how about some fruit yogurt for dessert?



After meals, don’t you feel like eating something else? The cafeterias also provide a variety of tasty desserts such as cakes, cream puffs, pudding, etc..