Education and Student Life

Support for international students coming to Japan for the first time

Hiroshima University organizes the rental of private apartments around the Higashi-Hiroshima Campus, at a cheaper rate than the general market price to new international students who enroll in the university. There are three price ranges: 20,000yen,15,000yen and 10,000yen (per month)(as of October 2014). We are currently accepting applications for the purchase and rental of furniture and electrical appliances (new or second-hand) necessary for daily living. The electrical appliances will be installed when you move in.

Dongdong Xue (China)

Master's Program, Graduate School of Letters

Hiroshima University has many other apartments that they have rented besides the one that I am living in today. I advise you to carefully read through the information on the website before you move in.

I would like to share my experience of living in “Co-op MIYOSHI (A-CLASS)” since October 2014.

A Convenience store between the apartment and university

From my apartment to the university, it is about a 10-15 minute bike ride. It is an easy commutable distance. There is a convenience store near my apartment, and I am working part-time at the store. The apartment is not in the city center, so it is very peaceful. It is an ideal environment for reading books and articles.

The room is fully furnished

My room came with an air conditioner and washing stand. It was easy for me to start my life in Japan because I used the rental service to have a bed and washing machine set up in my room before I moved into the apartment.

My Favorite part is the spacious kitchen

All my friends that visit my room say “Wow! It’s so spacious!” Having ample space to cook motivates me to cook more often. It’s nice to have a comfortable amount of space even when I’m cooking with a friend. Also, there is more than enough storage space so it will be fine for me to buy more goods while living here.