Education and Student Life

Research student/Master's Program

Liu Yijing (China)

○2011.4~2012.3 Research Student
○2012.4~2014.3 Master's Program, Graduate School of Educatiom
○2014.4~ Doctoral Program, Graduate School of Education

Research Students

Students wishing to study a specific subject, at either the undergraduate or graduate level, may be admitted as research students ("kenkyuusei"). Research students are not entitled to degrees upon completion of his/her research work. Most applicants for admission to a graduate school gain admission to the University as a research student first, and then prepare for the entrance examination to the graduate school of their choice while researching their subject in more detail.

Japanese Language classes

This class is to support language learning for international students (including research students) studying at Hiroshima University. Those interested in taking these language courses must take a placement test. Students are then placed in classes depending on their level of Japanese proficiency, ranging from Level 1 to Level 5. Students are free to choose any language class within their respective level.