Admission Expenses


Status Application Fee Enrollment Fee Tuition
Undergraduate Student 17,000 JPY 282,000 JPY 535,800 JPY/year
Graduate Student Master’s Program 30,000 JPY 282,000 JPY 535,800 JPY/year
Doctoral Program 30,000 JPY 282,000 JPY 535,800 JPY/year
Research Student (Non-Degree) * 9,800 JPY 84,600 JPY [Research Fees] 29,700 JPY/month

(In the case that tuition fees are revised, outstanding fees must be paid at the revised rate.)

*Research fees are to be paid in a lump-sum of 6 months. Admission for a research student will be canceled if they fail to pay their research fees within 3 months after admission.


Living Expenses

The average monthly living expenses (including school expenses) of international students are as follows.

Average Monthly Expenses of International Students by Region

Region Kanto (Tokyo etc.) Kinki (Osaka etc.) Chugoku (Hiroshima etc.) National Average
Monthly expenses (Higher education institution) 174,000 JPY 156,000 JPY 142,000 JPY 158,000 JPY


Source: “Lifestyle Survey of Privately Financed International Students 2021” by JASSO, published in September., 2022