Department of Infectious Diseases

Introduction of department

The Department of Infectious Diseases has been developed in 2010 at the Hiroshima University Hospital of making strides in discovering way to prevent and treat infectious diseases.

This Department is particularly strong in treating infections in perioperative patients. The Department also hosts a strong antimicrobial management program in our hospital. We are responsible for all in-patient ward, as well as consultation at regional hospitals in Hiroshima prefecture. The Department also play a role in educating medical students, residents, and all employees in Hiroshima University Hospital. Antimicrobial stewardship program is provided for the purpose of prevention of antimicrobial resistant organisms.

Travel Clinic is one of the features of the Department. Over 500 people have been visiting the Clinic before travel abroad. The Clinic provide them vaccines for various infectious diseases, such as Type A hepatitis. The Clinic also an information how to prevent infectious diseases in foreign countries. Patients of post-travel visit our Clinic and hospitalization are also available.