Department of Plastic Surgery

Introduction of department

Our department provides advanced medical care in the fields of reconstructive surgery after cancer ablation, congenital anomaly, facial trauma including facial fracture, keloid or hypertrophic scar, scar contracture after trauma or surgery, and chronic wound such as decubitus or fistula, ulcer, defect anywhere in the body surface. Reconstructive surgery using free flap transfer with microvascular anastomosis are common procedure, and we often perform team approach operation with another department, such as head and neck surgery, maxillofacial surgery, breast surgery, esophageal surgery, respiratory surgery, neurosurgery, dermatology, and orthopedic surgery. Weekly ward round for all decubitus patients in Hiroshima University Hospital is also essential task for our decubitus team. Plastic and reconstructive surgery can treat any part of the body, from a new-born to the aged patients. Improvement of the patient’s quality of life is the ultimate purpose for plastic surgery. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Research content

Plastic surgery department has focused on the following clinical questions.

  1. How can we improve patient’s satisfaction in breast reconstruction?
  2. What is the patient’s main concern after breast surgery, and breast reconstruction?
  3. Is it possible to avoid complications after reconstructive surgery especially with microvascular anastomosis?
  4. How to manage a chronic wound after radiation therapy.
  5. Minimize and avoid complications for treating radiation induced ulcers.

We have developed newly taking photograph system for patient’s body. Difference of surgical result estimation between patients and surgeons is our main concern. Searching of mechanism and biological effect after radiation to human tissue is a next target for our research.

Treatment achievements

Numbers of operation in 2017

Trauma…27, Congenital anomaly…28, Benign tumor and cancer reconstruction…228, Scar, scar contracture and keloid…30
Chronic ulcer…73, Inflammatory diseases…66, Others…10

Team approach cooperation after cancer patients in 2017.
Head and neck surgery, cranio-maxillofacial surgery …50 cases
Breast surgery…40 cases

Success rate of free flap transfer from 2016 April to 2018 August…99.0% (one case failure in 104 cases)