International House

The International House was designed to provide housing for students and visiting researchers studying at Hiroshima University.

Qualifications for Residence
Application for Admission
Period of Residence
Maintenance Charges
To those approved for admission to the International House
■Address: 2-457 Kagamiyama Higashi - Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture 739-0046

<Qualifications for Residence>

Those who are eligible for living in International House are students(Jananese and International students) and visiting researchers studying at Hiroshima University and their families (spouse and children only). A permission of residence to expecting residents should be issued by the House Director in advance.

Those who can apply for Ikenoue Dormitory and International House (single room) are short-term International Students who will stay in Japan for less than 1 year (Special Auditing Students, Special Reserch Students, etc. except for International Reserch Students aiming on-campus admission ) and “Intensive Japanese Training Course Students” only.

<Application for Admission>

International House(Single Room)

 → Apply through International Student Support Office of your School/Graduate school that you are going to enroll.

International House(Family and Couples' Room)

 → Apply through following web-site.

Appricaiton Web-site (International Students only)  :

(You can also apply for "Recommended Apartment for International Student by Hiroshima University" through this web page.)

Application Period : February 1. 2024 ~ February 9. 2024

Move in date : April 1. 2024 (You can neither nor move out Saturday, Sunday and Holiday.)

Move in time : 9:00 ~ 16:00

As for the application for C building which is available for visiting researchers, please contact International House directly.

<Period of Residence>

・Period of residence at International House
 International students : At least three months up to one year.
 Japanese Students : At least three months up to two years.
 Reseachers : At least one month up to one year

・To accept newly enroll International Students, move out date on March and September are earlier than that of other month(on 3/20, 9/20 or threabout).
・You can't extend period of residence.


International House consists of a ten-storied ferroconcrete building of steel frame structure (Building A), a five-storied ferroconcrete building (Building B) and a three-storied ferroconcrete building (Building C). Each of the buildings is equipped with the facilities outlined in the table below.

Bldg. Floor Facility Room Classification Number of Rooms Room Area
A 1 Management Facility Office, Security Guard Room 1 45.3 m2
2 Common-Use Facility Recreation Room, Communication Room 2 102.5
3-10 Living Quarters Single Rooms for International Students 60 13.3
B 1-5 Married Couple's Apartments for International Students 5 44.5
1-5 Family Apartments for International Students 5 57.5
C 1-2 Family Apartments for Researchers 4 60.63
3 Married Couple's Apartments for Researchers 2 42.27


All rooms are fully furnished, however, daily necessities such as kitchen utensils, bedlinen, bath and toilet goods are supposed to be prepared by residents at their expenses. 

Single Rooms in Building A For Students
Study Desk and Chair, Bed, Wardrobe, Wagon Table,Folding Chair, Shoes Cabinet, Refrigerator,Kitchen, Gas Stove, Bookshelf, Curtains,Air-Conditioner/Heater Unit, Water Heater,Unit Bathroom (Bathtub, Toilet)

Married Couple's Apartment in Building B For International Students
Refrigerator, Kitchen, Gas Stove, Cupboard, Dining Table and Chairs, Chest, Wardrobe, Washing Machine, Tumble Dryer,Shoes Cabinet, Bookshelf, Study Desk and Chair, Curtains, Double-sized Bed,Air-Conditioner/Heater Unit, Water Heater, Bathroom,Toilet

Family Apartment in Building B For International Students
Refrigerator, Kitchen, Gas Stove, Cupboard, Dining Table and Chairs, Chest, Wardrobe, Washing Machine, Tumble Dryer,Shoes Cabinet, Bookshelf, Study Desk and Chairs, Curtains, Double-sized Bed,Children's Study Desk and Chair, Double Bunk Bed,Air Conditioner/Heater Unit, Water Heater, Bathroom, Toilet

Family Apartment in Building C For Visiting Researchers
Refrigerator, Kitchen, Gas Stove, Cupboard,Dining Table and Chairs, Chest,Washing Machine, Tumble Dryer, TV, Bookshelf,Study Desk and Chairs, Curtains, Single Bed (2),Sofa and Table, Children's Study Desk and Chair,Double Bunk Bed, Vacuum Cleaner,Air-Conditioner/Heater Unit, Water Heater,Bathroom, Toilet

Married Couple's Apartment in Building C For Visiting Researchers
Refrigerator, Kitchen, Gas Stove, Cupboard, Dining Table and Chairs, Chest, Washing Machine, Tumble Dryer, TV, Bookshelf,Study Desk and Chairs, Curtains, Single Bed (2), Sofa and Table, Vacuum Cleaner, Air-Conditioner/Heater Unit, Water Heater,Bathroom, Toilet

<Other Facilities>

Recreation Room
The recreation room is placed on the 2nd floor of A building.  Residents can use this room to use the Internet and watch television around the clock.

Laundry Room
There are two laundry rooms on the 5th and the 7th floors of A building equipped with Washing Machines and Tumble Dryers for a charge.

Internet Access
Residents can use free Wi-Fi in Recreation Room on the 2nd floor. If you would like to install the Internet in your room, you additionally need to make a contract with designated Internet Service Provider.

Parking Space
Residents living in A building are not allowed to park a car due to the lack of sufficient parking space.
Only residents living in B and C buildings are allowed to park a car, but a series of documents necessary for a parking permit are required to submit to the House office in advance.

Pay Phone
A public telephone available for international phone service is equipped in A building.


<Maintenance Charges>

 (Japanese Yen)

Room Classification Rent Facility Use Fee

Common House


Monthly Monthly Daily Monthly
Single Room
(Building A/For International Students)
5,900 - - 2,500
Married Couple's Apartment
(Building B/For International Students)
9,500 - - 2,800
Family Apartment
(Building B/For International Students)
14,200 - - 3,100
Married Couple's Apartment
(Building C/For Researchers)
- 23,400 780 2,800
Family Apartment
(Building C/For Researchers)
- 35,700 1,190 3,100

2000 yen per month is required as a laundry room usage fee only for Building A.

(Rent and common expence for building A and B)

You can NOT pay "Rent" and "Common House Expense" per diem, we ask you to pay monthly charge even if you stay only one day.

Residents should pay for electricity,gas, and water, depending on the amount of use for each.  Special meters are installed in each room.
<Electricity>Average for single : About 3,000 yen/month  The usage costs change depending on the season.
<Gas> Average for single : About 3,000 yen/month  Making hot water uses gas. Keep in mind that gas prices are   more expensive in the winter.
<Water>Average for single : About 4,000 yen/2 months  The computation for water use is different than other apartments because the International House is on the University campus.
(500 yen*/1㎥ × the amount of use = water rate)
*Unit cost of fiscal year 2019/ It varies according to the fiscal year.

To those who are approved for admission to International House:

Please be sure to read  the information below before you move in. In case you cancel your tenancy, please submit a "Residency Cancellation Form" to your faculty/graduate school office as soon as possible.

Check-In Time Please check in during the following hours on weekday within 10 days after the first date of permission you can move in : 9:00-12:00, 13:00-16:00
Documents A Notification of Residence, Pledge, and a series of application forms for rent, electricity, gas and water., will be passed on to you with your room key when you check in. You are supposed to submit all documents to the House Office within a week after your moving-in.


(Facility Use Fee)

Common House Expenses

For International Students
(Buiding A and B)
Since your rent is charged directly to your postal savings account, please open an account at the Japan Post Bank on-campus. (*It is compulsory for all International House residents living in A and B buildings.
For Researchers
(Building C)
Please pay your rent at Bank's ATM or counter soon after receiving a bill
Electricity and Gas Charges Although a contract is made between you and the suppliers, the application forms for service must be submitted to the House office. Payment for electricity and gas used in each room must be paid at your own expenses. Automatic deduction is available through Japan Post Bank and other banks.
 Water Charge Payment for water is scheduled to be automatically withdrawn from your postal savings account every 2 months. For that, it is necessary for you to fill out a specific form after your arrival. (*You need to pay in cash for the last water charge on your departure date at the House office.)
Items to Prepare

You must prepare kitchen utensils, bedlinen, bath and toilet goods at your expenses. House office also suggests that you prepare your futon and bedlinen in advance or after your arrival.

There is neither restaurant nor cafeteria inside the House.

Luggage Claim Service Residents from abroad and also the outside Hiroshima Prefecture can send your luggage to the House in advance. On your sending, please specify your name and room number in the House. This service is NOT available for residents living in Hiroshima Prefecture.

■Resident's rooms are assigned in advance and you will not be able to change your room. Only a person whose  name is written on a Permission of Residence Form can occupy the room.

■Electricity, gas, and water are available for use from the day you check in.

■Residents are not permitted to use oil/kerosene heaters in their rooms.

■There is a pay phone (for international calls) in Building A, but there are no fixed phones in each room.

■You can use Recreation Room (Building A) around the clock. Feel free to use this room to watch TV and use the *Internet.

*Internet Access : In the Recreation Room, you can use free Wi-Fi for the Internet. You must obtain a student/reseacher ID number to use it from the University. Those who would like to use the Internet in their own room need to contract to designated Internet Service Proveder at your own expences.


International House Office

E-mail: ihouse(at)

Please change 'at' to the appropriate mark.