Hiroshima University Faculty Club

Purpose of Establishment

The Faculty Club was established for several purposes, including to facilitate academic exchange, to contribute to educational research within the university and academic and cultural exchange between the university and the community, and to promote friendship and interaction among faculty members, students and alumni.

Intended Users (excluding restaurant)

■Faculty members and their guests
■Persons from outside the university with business on campus who have been introduced by faculty members
■Others given permission by the President of the University

Hours and Closings

■Closed: December 28 - January 4

*On the following days, even persons who are allowed to use the hall must obtain permission to enter the Higashi-Hiroshima campus:

-Days when the National Center for University Entrance Examinations are held
-Days when General Selection is held

■Hours: Conference rooms and the reception hall are generally open from 8:30 to 21:00

Lodging facilities are generally open for use from 16:00 to 10:00 for up to five days (can be extended to up to a maximum of 10 days)


Conference Rooms and Reception hall
■Reservations and applications for use can be made as many as six months in advance and up to the day before use.
■Reservations can be made on the “Iroha” (campus portal).
■If applying to use shared equipment, make mention of it when making reservations.
Lodging facilities
To use the lodging facilities, submit the application form along with the fees to the Common Administrative Services Office (payment must be made up front).

Contact the restaurant, La Boheme, directly.

La Boheme (Japanese Page)  * The website is currently unavailable.

Usage Fees

■The conference rooms and reception hall may be used free of charge.
■Fees for the lodging facilities, please click here.


■Do not use the facilities for purposes other than those for which permission has been granted.
■Do not allow someone else to use all or part of the facilities in your place.
■Put everything back where it was after use. Do not move equipment around without permission.
■Inquire with us if you have any other questions:

Lodging Facilities: Common Administrative Services Office (ext. 6096) or Faculty Club Administrator (ext. 6992)
Other Facilities: General Affairs Group, Financial and General Affairs Office (ext. 6032) or Faculty Club Administrator (ext. 6992)

Overview of Facilities

Floor  Room name Capacity Furniture and Equipment
1 Restaurant 76 Hours: 11:00-15:00 weekdays (17:00-21:00 by reservation) 
Special Room 14  
2 Reception Hall (can be partitioned into 3 sections) 150 Grand piano, power screen, large power hanging screen, whiteboards (3)
Conference Room 1 22 Power screen, whiteboard
Conference Room 2 12 Whiteboard
3 Lodging Rooms (Single) (Room Nos. 301-308) 8 rooms Television, refrigerator, desk, chairs
Lodging Room (Japanese-style Room with 10 Tatami Mats) (Room No. 309) 1 room
(4 people) 
Television, refrigerator, table, chairs
4 Lodging Rooms (Single) (Room Nos. 402-411) 10 rooms Television, refrigerator, desk, chairs
Lodging Rooms (Twin) (Room No. 401) 1 room Television, refrigerator, desk, chairs