Research Institutes

The Faculty Club

Intended Users

- Hiroshima University faculty members and their guests
- Those from outside the university with business on campus who have been introduced by Hiroshima University faculty members
- Guests given permission by the President of the University

Those from outside the university must have a referral letter from one of the faculty members. Reservations are not handled over the phone.


Hours and closings

■Closed: December 27-January 3 (Closing dates vary depending on calendar)
■Hours: Lodging facilities are generally open for use from 16:00 to 10:00 for up to five days (It can be extended up to a maximum of 10days)

How to make arrangements for use:

Check for vacancies and make reservations - Lodging reservations can be made from six months in advance.
- Reservations can be made with the Management Support Group (General Affairs) of each School/Graduate School/Institute.
Fill in application form and get referrer's seal - To request the application form, please contact the Management Support Group (General Affairs) of each School/Graduate School/Institute.
- The seal of the referring staff member must be imprinted on the application form.
- (Turn the application form in to the Property Maintenance Group, Financial and General Affairs Office)
Pay lodging fees, and receive the receipt and card key - Lodging fees must be paid up front. Please prepare exact change before submitting the application form.
  - Put the card key into the return box at the front desk by 10 a.m. on the day you check out.


Lodging Fees


18 rooms


4,000 yen/night


1 room

One person

5,000 yen/night

Two people

7,700 yen/night

Japanese-style Room

1 room

One person

5,000 yen/night

Two people

7,700 yen/night

Three people

10,400 yen/night

Four people

13,100 yen/night

 * There is no smoking area available to guests from April 1, 2019. (Smoking is not allowed either inside or outside of the rooms and buildings.) Also, Hiroshima University will be entirely smoke-free from January, 2020.

Furniture and Equipment

Each room

Towels, hairbrushes, toothbrush sets, razors, body soap, shampoo,  conditioner, bathrobes (yukata), slippers, pot, dryer, refrigerator, and teabags

3rd and 4th floors

Vending machine

Front desk on 1st floor

Irons, LAN cablesThere is an internet jack each room. If you would like to use the LAN network, please ask at the front desk

Lounge on 1st floor

Public telephones, morning newspapers