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Parking Area (Higashi-Hiroshima Campus)

Campus Parking Lots (Higashi Hiroshima Campus)

Entrance to the Higashi-Hiroshima campus is restricted through the use of gates, parking permits and passes. Those wishing to enter campus by car should take note of the following information:

Entrance Gates

There are eight entrance gates (see map below) around the campus which restrict entrance to all the parking lots in the academic area.

*Entrance is restricted through all gates all day on weekdays (the only exception is Gate 4, which is open from 17:00 to 21:00). If you do not have a pass, please use Gate 1 (all day) or Gate 3 (6:00-21:00).
*On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays as well as during vacations (spring, summer, winter and end of academic year) entrance is only restricted at night (21:00-6:00 the following morning).

--- Spring Vacation: April 1-8
--- Summer Vacation: August 1-September 30
--- Winter Vacation: December 24-January 7
--- End of Academic Year Vacation:February 12-March 31

Inquiries Concerning Campus Parking Lots (Higashi-Hiroshima Campus):

Property Maintenance Group, Finance Bureau