University Layout (2023)

As of July 1, 2023

Higashi-Hiroshima Campus << Area: 2,492,191m2  >>

1. Administration Bureau, Admission Center,  Extension Center, International Center (International Exchange Division), Center for Collaborative Research & Community Cooperation  (Community Cooperative Division, Intellectual Property Division)
2. Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Institute for Foreign Language Research Center
3. Faculty of Letters, Graduate School of Letters
4. Faculty of Education, Graduate School of Education, Attached Schools Support Group, Institute for Sport Sciences, Center for Contemporary India Studies, Institute for Sustainable Sciences and Development
5. Faculty of Economics, Graduate School of Social Sciences
6. Faculty of Science, Graduate School of Science, Hiroshima Astrophysical Science Center
7. Faculty of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Institute of Engineering, Academic-Environment Social Governance Science and Technology Research Center
8. Faculty of Applied Biological Science, Graduate School of Biosphere Science, Town & Gown Institute of Innovation for the Future
9. Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter, HiSIM Research Center, Institute for Advanced Materials Research
10. General Research Laboratory Building
11. Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation, Center for the Study of International Cooperation in Education
12. Central Library, Community / International Contacts, Writing Center, Research Institute for Higher Education, Harassment Consultaion Office
13. East Library
14. West Library
15. Information Media Center
16. Natural Science Center for Basic Research and Development (Cryogenics and Instrumental Aalysis Division)
17. Natural Science Center for Basic Research and Development (Radioisotope Division)
18. Natural Science Center for Basic Research and Development (Gene Science Division)
19. Research Institute for Nanodevice and Bio Systems
20. Hiroshima Synchrotron Radiation Center,J-Innovation HUB
21. Center for Collaborative Research & Community Cooperation (Venture Business Laboratory Office)
22. International Center (International Education Division)
23. Phoenix Workshop
24. Health Service Center (Medical)
25. Archaeological Research Center, Hiroshima University Museum
26. Envioronmental Research and Management Center
27. Faculty Club
28. Satake Memorial Hall
29. Student Plaza, General Student Support Center, Accessibility Center, Global Career Center, Peer Support Room, Health Service Center (Mental Health Counseling)
30. Hiroshima University Archives
31. Hiroshima University Museum
32. Gender Equality Promotion Office
33. University Hall
34. East Gymnasium
35. North Gymnasium
36. West Gymnasium
37. Facilities for Extracurricular Culture and Art
38. Facilities for Extracurricular Physical Education and art
39. East Welfare Center
40. North Welfare Center No.1
41. North Welfare Center No.2
42. North Welfare Center No.3 (La Place)
43. West Welfare Center No.1
44. West Welfare Center No.2
45. Post office, Dental Clinic
46. International House


Kasumi Campus << Area: 144,700m2  >>

1. Hospital Outpatient Clinic
2. Impatient Ward
3. Clinical Administration Building,Health Service Center(Kasumi Branch)
4. Basic and Sociomedical Research Building
5. Clinical Research Building
6. Faculty of DentistryFaculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
7. Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
8. Program of Health Sciences,School of Medicine
9. Kasumi Biomedical Research Building, Natural Science Center for Basic Research and Development(Life Science Division)
10. Central Clinic
11. Lecture Rooms / Practice Rooms, Kasumi Computer Room of Information Media Center
12. Lecture Rooms
13. Faculty of MedicineRadioisotope Research Building
14. Anatomy Laboratory
15. Experimental Station of Medical Plants
Graduate School of Biomedical & Health Sciences
16. Institute of History of Medicine
17. Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine, Research Building
18. Experiment Building for Frontier Radiation Science
19. Natural Science Center for Basic Reserch and Development Integrated Experimental Support/Research Division
20. Common-use Building 1.2
21. Kasumi Library
22.Common-use Building 3
23. Kasumi Gymnasium
24. Kasumi Hall
25. Ryozanpaku(Reident House)
26. Family House
27. Koujin Conference Hall
28. Energy Center
29. YHRP Museum
30. Main Gate
31. The Radiation Disaster Medical Training Building,Medical Policy Office,Radiation Disaster Medical Support Center
32. Ryoun Lecture Building

Higashi-Senda Campus <<Area: 18,471m2 >>

1.  School Building S
       The Open University of Japan
       Higashi-Senda Library
2. School Building A
      Higashi-Senda Area Support Office
      School of Law
      School of Economlcs(Main evening course)
      Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
        Division of Humanities and Social Sciences
        Law and Politics Program
        Economics Sciences Program(Finance)
   Management Program
     Division of Law School
        Program for Law Practice Professionals 
3. School Building B
      The Center For Peace,Legal Service Center,Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
4. School Building C
5. Health Service Center,Higashi-Senda Innovative Research Center
6. Main Gate
7. School Building L
      Community Collaboration Floor SENDA LAB