Research Institutes

During occupation: Forms and timing of the submission of applications, etc. (for housing managed by Hiroshima University)

If you live in housing not managed by Hiroshima University, please contact Property Maintenance Group for different forms.

At least five days prior to the purchase of a vehicle. Please file the ""Application to Rent Vehicle Parking"" at the same time, if you did not do so at the time you moved in.

As soon as any change occurs.

As soon as any change occurs.

At least five days prior to leaving the housing facility for between 30 days and a year.

You are not allowed to install temporary construction or remodel without prior permission.


If you will be away from the housing facility for a month or more due to an extended business trip or other situation outside the scope of your normal daily life, please consult with the Property Maintenance Group, Financial and General Affairs Office, as soon as possible.

The personal information disclosed in the aforementioned application, etc. shall be used solely for the purpose of carrying out the procedures necessary to decide on whether or not to allow the faculty member to move into the housing facility and for the maintenance and management, etc. of the housing facility; it shall not be used or disclosed for purposes other than the above.