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Hiroshima University Integrated Report

This Integrated Report aims to clearly communicate our activities to our stakeholders, who play a crucial role in supporting our operations, and to promote their understanding.

Our desire is to provide an overview of our current condition and future vision and foster two-way dialogue, enabling us to move forward together with you.

In preparing this report, we have made efforts to seamlessly integrate non-financial information, such as the University's unique features, strengths, vision, and initiatives, with financial information. This approach aims to present a more comprehensive picture of the value the University brings to society.

We hope that this integrated report will foster a stronger connection between the University and its supporters.

Hiroshima University Integrated Report 2023 CONTENTS

 03 Guiding Principles
 04 Hiroshima University Charter

 Value Creation Story
 05 Message from the President
 09 Hiroshima University continues to Grow
 11 Value Creation Cycle of Hiroshima University

 Special Feature
 13 Toward the 75 + 75th Anniversary of Hiroshima University  

 Practice Report
 15 Education
 23 Research
 29 Social and Industry-Academia Collaboration
 35 Hiroshima University Hospital
 37 Hiroshima University Alumni Association
 38 Hiroshima University Foundations

 Management Information
 39 Governance and Board of Directors
 40 Promoting diversity & inclusion
 41 Strategic management

 Financial Information
 43 Toward Realizing Independent Management of the University
 45 Financial Results
 47 Financial Indicators
 48 Accounting System of National University Corporations

 49 Hiroshima University in Data
 50 Get to know more about Hiroshima University!

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