Research Institutes

Natural Science Center for Basic Research and Development

Overview of the Center

This center, to support the high level of natural science education and research, collects and manages the high-tech research equipment used to strengthen the education support system. In order to help each field of natural sciences progress, we aim to establish an environment where new interdisciplinary research can develop. Especially life science, health science, material science, and environmental science which need to be able to use animal experiments, genetic experiments, gene recombination experiments, and other such equipment that are pertinent for all kinds sciences and technological advancement. Refrigerant provisions, low temperature technology, or radioactive isotopes used by tracer experiments for education and technical guidance, we give support to all fields of natural science education and research. Promoting school related research projects in the fields of life sciences as well as material sciences, fulfillment of extensive modern research and the development of applied research is the goal of this center.