Guo Qingqiang

Guo Qingqiang (China)

○2009.4~2011.3 Master's Program, Artificial Complex Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering
○2011.3~2014.3 Doctoral Program, Systems Cybernetics, Graduate School of Engineering
○2014.4~ Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Systems Optimization, Graduate School of Engineering

1. Why did you decide to work in Japan?
I have got used to the life in Japan during my studying here. Also, Hiroshima University provides a comfortable environment for researchers concentrating on their study.

2. What did you learn at Hiroshima University? How have you made use of the knowledge you gained?
As for me, my Japanese improved a lot after I came to Hiroshima University. I attended various kinds of Japanese courses and passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Tests (JLPT) for only one and half years, which also built my confidence in finding a job in Japan.

Also, the graduate school courses are complete and interesting. Under the kind tuition of my instructor, I’ve learned a lot specialized knowledge, which helps me achieve remarkable results in my research.

There is a program held by Young Researchers Education Center in Hiroshima University,  which supports students for job-seeking after they complete their doctoral course.  I participated in this program and took an internship in a Japanese company for 3 months, gaining valuable experience, such as etiquette in enterprise and so on. This experience also benefits me a lot when I began to seek a job in Japan.

3. What do you like most about Hiroshima University?
Hiroshima University is endowed with wonderful natural surroundings, and the campus area is among the largest in Japan. With the well-equipped facilities, such as gymnasiums and libraries, it is comfortable to study and live here.

4. Please offer some advice for students who plan to study abroad.
Hiroshima University is not only preeminent in western Japan, but also famous in nation wide as a state university. Moreover, Hiroshima University’s academic research level also wins widely praise. International students from all over the world are studying here, making it a university with international atmosphere. Our university provides courses  both in Japanese and English. In addition, all kinds of facilities are well-equipped and support system is perfect, which supports international students' life and study in all rounds. Please join us in Hiroshima University!