Social Cooperation

Systems of Collaboration 3

05 Donations, Endowed Laboratories, Endowed Research Division

Hiroshima University accepts donations from a wide range of parties for the purpose of supporting scientific research, educational promotion and other administrative operations of the university.

Endowed laboratories, Endowed research division
Endowed laboratories or endowed research divisions are set and operated under the independent control of the University for the purpose of making effective use of scholarship funds donated by private businesses, etc., thereby contributing to the advancement and enhancement of education and research.
The duration of an endowed laboratory or endowed research division is from two to five years in principle, which may be extended.

Donation procedure

06 Comprehensive Research Collaboration

Under a comprehensive agreement concluded between each company and Hiroshima University, collaborative research and human resources development activities are conducted in an organized manner.

This system enables:

  • systematic promotion of research through the sharing of medium to long-term issues,
  • organized GO/STOP judgment in promoting research activities, and
  • cooperation in broad fields including human resources development.

07 Hiroshima University Phoenix Cooperative Consortium

Hiroshima University established the cooperative consortium for the promotion and research of Industry-Academia-Government collaboration (Hiroshima University Phoenix Cooperative Consortium) in 2010, with the aim of further contributing to local communities through the enhancement of services, particularly targeting local industries. Through the Phoenix Cooperative Consortium, members are able to extend flexible support in various fields, including technical problem solving, research assistance, and human resources development.

Membership fees

  • Entry fee: Free
  • Annual fee: Regular member (companies) ¥50,000 per membership
                      Regular member (individuals) ¥10,000 per membership
                      Supporting members (local governments, public organizations, etc.) Free
    * The holding of multiple memberships is appreciated.


Companies and organizations in support of the Council’s objective
Total members: 157 (as of March 31, 2017)
  • Regular members: 124
  • Supporting members: 33


Operation of the Council is supported by the general assembly, the activity evaluation committee, activity promotion meetings, and the secretariat.

Services for members

  1. Innovation Training Program for young engineers of local companies
    Offers free training courses in various fields to registered members (in the evening, once a month, for two hours).
  2. Phoenix Salon
    Arranges talks by experts of the University and companies, as well as the informal discussions based on the talks.
  3. Night forum for exchange with researchers
    Offers easy explanation of the research projects by Hiroshima University researchers in each field.
  4. Financial support for collaborative research and research teams
    Offers financial support for research or research teams for solving the problems of member companies. (Contribution always welcome.)
  5. Lectures at companies
    Supports the dispatch of lecturers from the University to member companies.
  6. Support for recruiting activities
    Offers financial support for regular member companies in participating in the company briefing session for Hiroshima University students (organized by Hiroshima University Engineering Alumni).
  7. Access to unpublished patent information of the University
    Members are allowed access before other parties.
  8. Technical consultation Invention consultation
    Faculty members and specialists with abundant experience in various fields provide consultation for member companies (available at any time). Professional consultation on invention-related matters, such as patentability evaluation, is also available.
  9. Access to latest information
    The latest information is available through the members-only website, member e-mail newsletters, and the magazine “Tsunagaru.”
Inquiries, Membership Application
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