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“Himawari”—Hiroshima University’s Research Collaboration Database

What is “Himawari”?

“Himawari” (Sunflower) is HU’s website for searching information about industry-academia collaboration.
On this site, users can conduct a centralized search for HU’s research seed information open to the public.
HU hopes that those wishing to undertake industry-academia collaborative R&D programs will use this site to search for technology seeds that may meet their needs and lead to the development of a new collaborative relationship between industry and academia.

“Himawari”—Hiroshima University’s seed search site
“Himawari”—Hiroshima University’s seed search site

HU’s search site for finding information about seeds for industry-academia collaboration.

Information that can be searched

With Himawari, you can conduct a centralized search across multiple databases of HU for the following types of information:

  • Research seeds (patents, tangible objects)
  • Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars in Hiroshima University
  • Hiroshima University News (press releases about research results)
  • Patent information closed to the public (exclusively for members of the Phoenix Collaboration Forum)

How to use information obtained from the site

Universities, private companies, etc. will use the information obtained from this website to find an appropriate researcher/laboratory in HU to work on a collaborative research with them.
If you are interested in any information on the University’s research and technology seeds, please contact us at the following address.

Contact us

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Office of Academic Research and Industry-Government Collaboration
Hiroshima University

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