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Degree Conferment Ceremony 2013.3.23

Degree Conferment Ceremony 2013.3.23

Today I would like to give my deepest congratulations to all of the graduating students of Hiroshima University. I would like to offer my heartfelt congratulations on the celebration of this year’s ceremony on behalf of Hiroshima University. I also would like to congratulate the parents and relatives, and express to you my deepest gratitude for your continual support of our university. Furthermore, I would like to thank all of our honored guests for taking the time to be here with us at the degree conferment ceremony today and for your cooperation and your assistance to our university.

Our world is in an unsettled state: Academic research is developing rapidly. iPS Cells became applied in a clinical setting and the existence of the Higgs Particle was proved. Human society enjoys increasing convenience and material wealth. On the other hand air pollution, environmental destruction, terror, earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear accidents and other man-made and natural calamities occurred one after another. The rapid progress of academic research brought us wealth and comfort, but on the other hand we may have to pay a high price.

In an environment like this, you spent your campus life at Hiroshima University and made many new experiences. All of you were able to leave your individual footprints in the history of this university and your achievements will forever live on in our records.

The globalization of humanity is progressing and society is growing into a borderless world. You, who graduate from this university today, have to face the challenge of these social and environmental changes and act as a member of a global society. Therefore tolerance will be required to deepen cross-cultural understanding and to accept different points of view. This tolerance is based on the broad intellectual ability, knowledge, wisdom and experiences you gained during your student life and on the understanding of your country’s history, and unique and superb culture. In order to achieve world peace, the fundament of global society, it will be necessary to dedicate all our strength to solve the present common issues of humanity by looking back on history and taking the advice of ancient wisdom.

I have always emphasized the importance of attempting bold challenges in student life, and I think that many of you have had failures. But you have learned much from the defeats, and your setbacks have made you strong. You can encounter successful experiences only by attempting bold challenges. I believe that you will all continue to seek for the high ideals of contribution to humanity, having the courage not to be afraid of failure and that you will be aware of your duties as member of society and never forget compassion for others. Whatever difficulties might come your way in the future, I wish that each of you will grow into a strong personality, able to overcome all the obstacles with the strength of your own mind and sense of responsibility without forgetting your pride as graduate from Hiroshima University. Communal activity is based on social connections. Treasure the relationships you built during your student life at Hiroshima University and live with a strong sense of fulfillment, promoting ties between the local and global society and cultivating a spirit of mutual support.

As you embark on new chapters in your lives, I pray that the roads ahead lead to bright futures, filled with promise and hope. Congratulations.

March 23, 2013

Toshimasa Asahara
President, Hiroshima University