Bus stops around the Higashi-Hiroshima Campus

bus stops around Higashi-Hiroshima campus
Bus stop locations

There are nine bus stops around Higashi-Hiroshima campus. Please check the campus map to locate the closest bus stop to your destination. Click here to view larger map.

[Bus stops around the campus]

  • Hirodai-chuoguchi
  • Hirodai-kitaguchi
  • Hirodai-futagamiguchi
  • Futagamiyama
  • Hirodai-nishiguchi
  • Daigakukaikan-mae
  • Gagaraguchi
  • Hirodai-higashiguchi
  • Yamanaka-ike

Nearby bus stops

School of Integrated Arts and Sciences Hirodai-nishiguchi
School of Letters Hirodai-chuoguchi
School of Education Hirodai-kitaguchi, Hirodai-Futagamiguchi
School of Law Hirodai-chuoguchi
School of Economics Hirodai-chuoguchi
School of Science Hirodai-chuoguchi, Yamanaka-ike
School of Engineering Hirodai-higashiguchi, Daigakukaikanmae
School of Applied Biological Science Gagaraguchi, Daigakukaikanmae
School of Informatics and Data Science Hirodai-higashiguchi
Graduate Schools
Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Humanities Program | Law and Politics Program | Economics Program
  • Psychology Program | Educational Design for Teacher Educators Program | Educational Studies Program | Teaching Japanese as a Second Language Program | Professional Development Program for Teachers and School Leaders
Hirodai-kitaguchi, Hirodai-Futagamiguchi
  • Integrated Arts and Human Sciences Program
  • International Peace and Co-existence Program | International Economic Development Program | International Education Development Program
Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering
  • Mathematics Program | Physics Program | Earth and Planetary Systems Science Program | Basic Chemistry Program | Quantum Matter Program
Hirodai-chuoguchi, Yamanaka-ike
  • Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering Program(Environmental and natural sciences)
  • Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering Program(Development Science Field)
  • Applied Chemistry Program | Chemical Engineering Program | Electrical, Systems, and Control Engineering Program | Mechanical Engineering Program | Transportation and Environmental Systems Program | Architecture Program | Civil and Environmental Engineering Program | Informatics and Data Science Program
Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life
  • Program of Basic Biology | Program of Mathematical and Life Sciences | Program of Biomedical Science | Program of Biotechnology
Hirodai-chuoguchi, Yamanaka-ike
  • Program of Life and Environmental Sciences
  • Program of Bioresource Science | Program of Food and AgriLife Science
Offices, Instititions, Campus Facilities

Administration Bureau

  • Office of Funding (Fund/Alumni Association)
  • Office of Admissions
  • International Center
  • Department of Industry-Government and Community Collaboration
  • Department of Intellectual Property 
  • Gender Equality Promotion Office
Hirodai-chuoguchi, Yamanaka-ike
Global Career Design Center Hirodai-nishiguchi
Accessibility Center Hirodai-nishiguchi
Collaboration Office Hirodai-kitaguchi, Hirodai-Futagamiguchi
Hiroshima University Phoenix International Center MIRAI CREA Daigakukaikanmae
TAOYAKA Program Office Daigakukaikanmae
Technical Center Hirodai-kitaguchi, Hirodai-Futagamiguchi
Venture Business Laboratory Office Hirodai-higashiguchi
Writing Center Hirodai-chuoguchi
Central Library Hirodai-chuoguchi
East Library Daigakukaikanmae
West Library Hirodai-nishiguchi
Synchrotron Radiation Center Hirodai-higashiguchi
Research Institute for Nanodevices Hirodai-higashiguchi
Research Institute for Higher Education Hirodai-chuoguchi
Information Media Center (Main Building) Hirodai-higashiguchi
Information Media Center (East Branch) Daigakukaikanmae
Information Media Center Service desk(In the central library) Hirodai-chuoguchi
Information Media Center Service desk(In the west library) Hirodai-nishiguchi

Natural Science Center for Basic Research and Development

  • Research and Development Division (Department of Advanced Materials, Department of Materials Science)
  • Integrated Experimental Support/Research Division (Department of Low temperature Experiment)
Hirodai-chuoguchi, Yamanaka-ike
Natural Science Center for Basic Research and Development

  • Integrated Experimental Support/Research Division (Department of Radioisotope Science and Safety, Department of Gene Science, Department of Animal Experiment)
Morito Institute of Global Higher Education Hirodai-kitaguchi, Hirodai-futagamiguchi
Health Service Center (Medical service) Hirodai-kitaguchi, Hirodai-futagamiguchi
Health Service Center (Mental Health Counseling) Hirodai-nishiguchi
Environmental Research and Management Center Gagaraguchi
Hiroshima University Museum Hirodai-kitaguchi, Hirodai-futagamiguchi
Hiroshima Astrophysical Science Center Hirodai-chuoguchi, Yamanaka-ike
Institute for Foreign Language Research and Education Hirodai-nishiguchi
Hiroshima University Archives Hirodai-kitaguchi, Hirodai-futagamiguchi
Institute of Sport Hirodai-kitaguchi, Hirodai-futagamiguchi
HiSIM Research Center Hirodai-chuoguchi, Yamanaka-ike
Hiroshima University Research Center for Diversity and Inclusion Hirodai-kitaguchi, Hirodai-futagamiguchi
Amphibian Research Center Hirodai-chuoguchi, Yamanaka-ike
Resilience Research Center Hirodai-higashiguchi
University Hall (Daigakukaikan) Daigakukaikan-mae
International House Gagaraguchi
Student Plaza

  • Health Service Center (Mental Health Counseling)
  • Peer Support Room
  • Global Career Design Center
  • Accessibility Center
  • Center for Academic Practice and Resource
Satake Memorial Hall Hirodai-chuoguchi
Faculty Club Hirodai-chuoguchi
Komaru Nigiwai Pavillion Hirodai-chuoguchi
Mermaid Cafe (Hiroshima University Branch) Hirodai-chuoguchi
North Gymnasium Hirodai-kitaguchi, Hirodai-futagamiguchi
West Gymnasium Hirodai-nishiguchi
East Gymnasium Gagaraguchi
Facilities for Extracurricular Activities
Athletic Field,Baseball Field, Outdoor Swimming Pool etc.
Spanish Plaza Hirodai-nishiguchi
Post Office Hirodai-chuoguchi