HiSIM Research Center

Overview of the Center

HiSIM (Hiroshima-University STARC IGFET Model) is a transistor model used in circuit design that has been jointly developed by Hiroshima University in collaboration with the Semiconductor Technology Academic Research Center (STARC).In 2007, this was selected as an international standard model using LDMOS highly resistive next-generation transistors.This marked the first time that a Japanese transistor model for use in circuit design, which had been born of university-industry collaboration, had been recognized internationally.
Again, in 2008, the highly resistive MOS transistor model HiSIM_HV was recognized as an international standard model.
The HiSIM Research Center examines problems relating to HiSIM with various international semiconductor manufacturers and uses the results of these endeavors to improve the models.
With HiSIM as the shared language between circuit designers and device developers, the Center also nurtures people with high-level expertise in the field of semiconductors.

A Message from the Center

In 2011, following on from HiSIM_HV, HiSim2 - the core model of the HiSIM model family - was acknowledged as an international standard model.