Sporting Facilities

Higashihiroshima Campus

The sporting facilities on the Higashihiroshima campus are as follows. Each gymnasium is equipped with water coolers, which users can use freely. As well as mandatory physical education classes and university events, these facilities can also be used for extracurricular sporting activities.For extracurricular activities and personal use, please apply using the application form.

Name of Facility Outline of Facility Times of Use
East Gymnasium Arena 9:00

West Gymnasium Arena, training room, judo hall, kendo hall, Meeting Room
North Gymnasium Gymnastics hall & ballroom (1F),Arena (3F)
South Sports Ground
North Sports Ground
Archery Range
Kyudo range
Sumo ring
Car club garage
Athletics field 400m track (clay) turf area
No.3 tennis court 3 carpet courts (artificial turf weighted with sand)
No.5 tennis court 8 carpet courts (artificial turf weighted with sand)
Equestrian Area
Outdoor pool 50m, 8 lanes, competition-certified lanes 9:00

West Sports Ground
Baseball field Turf outfield (L & R fields 91m, C field 120m)
No.1 tennis court 2 clay courts
No.4 tennis court 4 carpet courts (artificial turf weighted with sand)

Keep our campus clean and tidy!
  This is your university, where you will spend four years. Take responsibility for keeping it a clean, tidy, and pleasant place.
  Please  do not smoke on campus.
  Place garbage in the designated receptacles.
  Do not leave used cans or flyers, etc. lying around, whether indoors or outdoors.